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İMECE Destek Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. integrated solutions to meet an important need in the insurance industry and the insurance companies to provide service on health insurance in 2014 year

With 23 years experience in insurance management staff with health insurance, which is one of the important steps in the development of the industry designed according to demand instead of providing Standard Products and service products and pricing by doing project-based work with each insurance company corporate identity of and again, acting with the corporate identity of the insurance companies, by product sector costs manageable sub-structures with the purpose of providing benefit to serve.

This path first started with public insurance, respectively, in Güneş Insurance, Türk Nippon Insurance, Unico Insurance, Doğa Insurance and Ethica Insurance continues to make a difference and quickly signed off on various projects in insurance, with insurance.


Was born in Fatsa/Ordu in 1966. Completing his primary, secondary and high school education in his hometown, Mr. Yurt completed his Undergraduate program in Istanbul University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics. He completed his Insurance Graduate Program in Marmara University, Institute of Banking and Insurance during the first years of his work life. He completed his University education in 1989 and then he served his short term teacher and military service, whereupon he entered the Insurance industry in 1991 as Actuary Assistant in the Insurance Inspection Board. Obtaining his certificate of competency and becoming an Actuary in 1995, Muhittin Yurt Kasım left his job in the Insurance Inspection Board in 1995 and started his first job in the private industry at a position directly reporting to the General Manager as the Group Manager responsible for Risk Analysis, Reinsurance and Actuary in the newly established Demir Hayat Sigorta A.Ş. In the same company, he became the Vice General Manager responsible for Technical Matters and Operation in January 1997, then the Deputy General Manager in July 2000 and the General Manager in January 2001 and worked as such until November 2003 in that company. Mr. Yurt worked as Demir Sigorta A.Ş. General Manager and Member of Board of Directors as well between June 2002 and March 2003. Mr. Yurt Demir signed and successfully conducted highly positive business results in his work life in Demir Hayat Sigorta A.Ş. during the processes following the foundation of the company such as establishing all technical infrastructure, realizing Cumulative Life Insurance Profit Share applications operated with the principle of day based profit share for the first time in Turkey, developing new product designs in the company's Private Health Insurance applications and having Market Share with a scale size in the industry. Despite the limited budget in Demir Hayat Sigorta A.Ş., he led development of software regarding Health and Life Insurance with his team and realized the Health Insurance Application which is currently used by many major players in the industry. He ensured the activities of the company continue without interruption despite Demirbank being transferred to TMSF during the national economic crisis in November 2000 and then the crisis in the Banking Industry. Starting as General Manager in Genel Yaşam Sigorta A.Ş. in December 2003, Muhittin Yurt continued as such until May 2011. As Mr. Yurt began his work in Genel Yaşam Sigorta A.Ş., he commenced the restructuring process of the company and made it so the company became the 4 th big company in the market in Health Insurances with about 10% market share in a short time like 3 years. He managed to reinforce and maintain this scale until the period when he quit. During this period, he ensured his Company undertakes major roles in many newly developing areas in the Industry and achieves significant results. To mention some of them briefly; It was one of the companies that first took action in development of Travel Health Insurance and even though it ranked the 4 th in the industry, it achieved high efficiency in this area with high technical profit as a company who reached the 2 nd largest premium volume in travel insurance and made significant contributions to the development of the company. It was the company who first developed the Emergency Cases Insurance product and became a model company in developing new products in this area with promotional product usage and sale via Call Centers and led development of various business models. It secured only the differences over SSI share with the Private Health Insurance policy applicable in private health organizations that have agreement with SSI and in his lead, the first examples of Collateral Assurance was implemented. For the duration of his function as General Manager, he led the company to be the company who first developed innovative practices such as package tour assurance and early booking cancelation insurance in the development of the company's Travel Insurances. Instead of providing the clients with standard products, it offered products designed to customer demands and made pricing accordingly, which is a significant step in the development of Health Insurance business, and thus led the industry with the customer request management and service provision approach. It created alternatives in Health Insurances for customers with regard to minimizing workforce loss which is an important mission of Health Insurance business with practices such as on site Mobile Laboratory service and contributed to development of stakeholder approach in insurance. During his long years of work in the Insurance industry, Muhittin Yurt undertook significant roles for the industry such as Member of Boad of Directors of TSRSB (3 rd Period), Insurance Information Center Coordination Board Membership and Actuarial Society General Secretary and contributed to the industry.

In addition to attributes that every person must have, Sincerity, Consistency, Continuity, Ethics and Mathematics are values that we pay particular attention to. We set on the road with the experience that all the positive outcomes we obtained in our 21 years of work life derive from these five special values. It will be our first priority that every relation we establish with our business and solution partners and with our customers happen under conditions where these foundations are not compromised. With 21 years of experience in insurance; 15 years of extensive experience achieved in the last 15 years of Health Insurance business, the knowledge created with the representation of management responsibility on behalf of the industry between the years 2006 and 2011, past work performance that demonstrated the skill of producing innovative solutions for the needs of thousands of customers and their vehicles throughout its work life, know-how and capability to analyze both technical and financial outcomes of the Industry players, the skill of anticipating corporate policy changes of players in the Industry owing to possible business consequences with the skill of monitoring and interpreting many phenomena from the capital structures of players in the Industry to their understanding of management, and capability for directing the insured in the right direction with the knowledge and experience regarding the missions of many corporate structures such as Insurance Association of Turkey, Insurance Information Center, Insurance Arbitration Commission and alike.

Our goals are to undertake mission by bringing together our insurance company stakeholders and healthcare service providers with customer oriented solutions in the development of Collateral Health Insurance business with possible changes in the near future of Health Insurance business under light of facts such as dissemination of the entrepreneurs in our Country and the investments throughout the country, increase in the purchasing power of all of our citizens with the development in GNP per capita, the insurance requirements emerging with the employment and investments developing outside the metropoles as well, the rapid development in the need for covering the risks which the responsibilities developing in line with the changing Penal Law create on individuals and organizations, the works conducted by our Countries entrepreneurs and investors particularly in our eastern and southern neighbors and the finding that the insurance industry is in the process of development in these regions and to offer solid guidance and consultation service on contracted organization management and preference as well as risk analysis to ensure accurate formation of the costs with our actuarial perspective and experience in the industry based on the fact that the fundamental concept that creates premium in the corporate customers particularly in Private Health Insurance business must be the compensations paid in the past. Address primarily the significance of managing the costs of damages/compensations that occur as a result of assurance given as much as just giving assurance and to manage possible premium increases arising from compensated damages of our customers. To offer services with an understanding that represents a local identity which can manage unique behaviors and expectations of our customers considering the fact that Insurance Companies whose investor identity is largely globalized are the people and entrepreneurs of our country are our primary goals.

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