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This is the service offered by IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. after sale which involves entering new work/renewal/transition application forms in the system, issuing policies based on the application forms whose collection and risk analysis procedures are complete and delivering the created policy set to the insured via respective means. Assessing the incoming modification requests following production, making the respective changes via an annex and delivering the prepared addenda are offered by IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. under scope of this service.

The Risk Analysis process will be carried out by IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. pursuant to process and work flows established with Health Insurance Special and General Conditions, Risk Acceptance criteria and quality procedures. Risk Acceptance Procedures for Personal Policy Applications, Risk Acceptance Procedures for Group Policy Applications, Renewal Risk Acceptance procedures for Personal Policies, renewal cost works for Group Policies, renewal guarantee works for Group Policies and 2nd risk analysis procedures in cases where there is no declaration (2.uw) are made within the Risk Analysis process.

Setting on the road to become the most reliable and leading organizations in the health insurance industry, IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. is determined to help insurance companies that are solutions partners whenever needed with its after sale services in addition to its before sale services and innovations. IMECE DESTEK creates various Networks consisting of contracted organizations and varying according to products in order to better serve the Insured persons. Our purpose is to shorten the good quality health service acquisition process which occurs during the process after production, causes loss of time for the insured persons and increases their costs and to ensure customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we contact the Contracted institutions and organizations which offer physician services as IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. and create networks with Contracted Health Organizations and Doctors who conform to company criteria.

This is the service where insured person compensations received from Contracted Health organizations are evaluated by IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S. in accordance with the policy special and general conditions. It is essential that transactions are completed only by receiving the respective share from the insured person for compensation expenses approved under policy special and general conditions in case of non-mandatory provision transactions of contracted organizations. Inpatient Treatment Assurance provisions cover internal and/or surgical stays, expenses of emergency health conditions that might cause a vital threat for the Insured and minor interventions on condition this is medically necessary and the doctor states the reason for this in a report in detail. It is mandatory to obtain provision for inpatient treatment. Outpatient Treatment assurance provisions cover doctor examinations, analysis - x-ray, prescription drugs, modern diagnosis methods and physical therapy expenses regarding disorders that occur after the Insured starting date.

As IMECE DESTEK DANISMANLIK HIZMETLERI A.S., we offer research services to make Case and file follow-up for patients who remain inpatient unnecessarily for a long time or longer than the expected period in order to prevent abuse in the health insurance.

Expert opinion is obtained with regard to diagnosis and treatment of the illness from physicians who completed their academic careers if a second expert opinion is desired to be obtained in the diagnosis and treatment of the illness. Medical errors are higher in ratio than estimated. Situations such as wrong diagnosis and treatment, delaying the diagnosis, shortcomings in surgery operation, failure to make the necessary tests and wrong medicine treatment can be identified earlier with expert opinion and such incidents are prevented.

It covers developing products on sale channel basis (such as Bank, etc.) pursuant to the request of Insurance Company and establishing and operating the infrastructure required by the products (such as call center, etc.).


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